Update of "SerialPwer" network (V2.0)


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Update of "SerialPower" network (V2.0)


Many of you probably are aware of my work on the "SerialPower" Network idea (power and communication between processes on picaxe nodes using just two interchangeable wires), which is now accessible via the "User Projects" part of this forum.

I have significantly upgraded the functionality, software and documentation and it now (v2.0) supports the following:

  • Fully automatic registration and provision of timeslots for up to 48 sending slave processes (which means that the master node does not need to be re-programmed anymore and thus can be application independent),
  • On-the-fly registration or removal of new timeslots (e.g because of some sensor condition or tripped switch), allowing dynamic network bandwidth management,
  • Plug & Play slave node support (including dynamic process ID assignment),
  • possibility to use simple, "diode mixing" network hardware where separate power and communication lines are used,
  • Support for Network Manager Node for automatic removal of unused timeslots and on-the-fly message CRC checking,
  • User Guide for application programming.

I think (and hope!) I am getting close to a full implementation of the two lowest OSI stack layers( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OSI_model ) applied to microcontroller networks.

With all of this implemented I think it is possible to rapidly prototype picaxe-based "ambient intelligence" sensor-based applications. Maybe this concept is also interesting for the lower layers of the Picaxe-SimpleLan development for global networking.

The master node software still fits (although just barely) in a 08M, a 08M slave node has sufficient room for applications.

I am interested in any comments and improvement suggestions, and I am particularly interested in suggestions for simplifications, for example for the Plug & Play node hardware, as well as the documentation. Furthermore I hope that some forum members are willing to test the ideas mentioned here using real applications.

I suggest to put all suggestions, questions and error reports in the network thread (in User Projects / Communication); I have put a detailed overview of the features and near-future plans over there as well.

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