Unusual LCD Display


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Has anybody successfully used one of these before, or has any idea what driver chip it uses ?.
It's a 8 X 2 LCD display that seems to be numeric only (and a decimal point)

Using RevEd AXE133 code,
254,1 clears the display ok
254,192 positions cursor to beginning of 2nd line

But 254,128 is not the beginning of the 1st line and nothing displays

From power on, just sending text with no position info displays on line 1,
but after positioning for line 2, I can't get back to line 1.

Anybody any ideas ?.




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Most 8x2s are configured electrically as 16x1s.
So if 192 is start of line 2 (which is unusual), we would also guess 184


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It came off ebay a couple of years ago.

Can't find it in my purchase history to see if there was a link
to a data sheet.

I'll try 184 / 160 and report back.

I do have other 8X2's, which I would call normal size, they are ok with 128 & 192,
also have a 16X1 which is addressed as 128 and 192 (8X2 in a single line).



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Nope, isn't 160 or 184.

hippy - your example test above didn't work either,
just showed - (~ is a space)




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Ah yes; yours is digits only and my code is outputting hex digits A-F.

However, we do know line two is at 192, which is $C0, so C0 would display as ~0, so that seems correct.

Assuming it is correct on line 1 as well but not showing as we would like, the first character position should be $A8, $B8, $C8, $D8, $E8 or $F8. Next would be xA, xC, xE, and all are letters so all display as spaces.

I would just try each of $A8, $B8, $C8, $D8, $E8 and $F8, in decimal 168, 184, 200, 216, 232 and 248.


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Off course, I should have realised that myself, even after I tried it on a known LCD & it showed Hex digits.
Still, it was late in the day.

So, tried what you suggested and 232 ($E8) seems to work, which is a bit odd, but it works !.

Thanks for the suggestions.