Ultrasonic Transducer Ideas?


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Just on a whim, I picked up a couple of ultrasonic transducers recently. They're supposed to operate near 24 kHz, which is well within the range of a Picaxe's PWM output.

I don't play with robotics and have no real need for a rangefinder. Don't know what I'd do with one if I built it.

I've done a forum search, but haven't come up with any ultrasonic apps that float my boat.

Can anyone think of something cool to do with these, other than to experiment in order to learn the characteristics of these gizmos?




Other than the obvious no. This is always the trouble when you see a good bargain innit.

Come on Tom, you should be getting on with that V/F induction motor speed controller... or has it moved to the back of the drawer?? :)
Or did it blow up? :eek:

Mind you, get a few more and they'd make nice buttons on your jacket.


24Khz is very low for US. Youngsters should be able to hear that high.
If you don't want to do range finding, then maybe dog whistle or cat repeller.
Bat locator? Might be fun to observe reaction (if any) with mosquitoes.


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Thanks, guys... guess they'll gather dust until I've got the time and inclination to see what I can make them do. Won't be the first parts doing that. :)

I haven't given up on the motor controller, but, as you said, it's on the back burner. I've learned a lot more about switching MOSFETs lately, but still haven't come up with a solution I like (and one that doesn't involve ordering more parts. The op-amp/HV PNP solution looks viable, except that I don't have any HV PNPs on hand. I've got MPSA92s and 2N6502s on the shopping list, though, to add to the order the next time I need to order parts.)

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