Two Starts on Flow Chart but Only One is Working

At present I am trying to have two flow charts running but only only one seems to be working, Individually they are working fine but ounce tthey are combined only the one with the LDR SEEMS TO BE WORKING.

Pin 0 Output: is being controled by the Digital Input

Pin2 Output: is being controled by both the Digital and analouge inputs
I read where with the 08M2 Picaxe this is possible. Could it be that or rather obviously Iam not doing something correct.
Both schematic and flowcharts are attached


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The flowcharts are running perfectly on the simulator, but unfortunately try as I may when the PICAXE is programmed the digital input section is failing to respond


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I don't know what that sw 1 cell does. That could be it - remember that the switch makes the pin go low when pressed with your circuit.
Cell sw 1 is a compare cell in the form of a normally closed switch, when it is opened it is suppose to make pin3 go low thus causing Pin2 to go high.
There is nothing like sleeping over a problem. I slept over this one and when I aworke it dawned on me that Pin 3 could be the problem and it most definitely was. It was not connected. I connected it and viola and the entire thing just started working, it really shows that you sometimes just have to take a rest and start again, thanks a lot for your insight.