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Any ideas how to control a TPIC6B595 via picaxe lots of samples online for other chips but nothing for picaxe.
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It can be helpful to others intending to help you if you provide a link to the datasheet for the device you seek assistance with.
In this case the TPIC6B595 datasheet can be found here:

Also now look at the datasheet for the often used 74HC595:

You will observe that the controlling signals are the same. The primary differences are:
- that the TPIC6B595 has open drain outputs rather than fully buffered/driven outputs so it can sink current, but cannot source it.
- The pin out varies between the two chips (and some pins are given different names (such as OE becomes G).

If you are using the PICAXE X1 or X2 parts then the inbuilt commands SHIFTOUT can control the chip.
For other PICAXE parts see the bit-bashed code examples provided in the PICAXE manual 2 under the SHIFTOUT command.
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Does the following pin for pin correspondence table help you

Function    TPIC6B595      74HC595
Output 0    pin 4           pin 15
Output 1    pin 5           pin 1
Output 2    pin 6           pin 2
Output 3    pin 7           pin 3
Output 4    pin 14          pin 4
Output 5    pin 15          pin 5
Output 6    pin 16          pin 6
Output 7    pin 17          pin 7
Vcc         pin 2           pin 16
GND       pins 10+11        pin 8
SERIN       Pin3            pin 14
SEROUT      pin 18          pin 9
SR_Clk      pin 13          pin 11
SR_Clr      pin 8           pin 10
OE (G)      pin 9           pin 13
R_Clk       pin 12          pin 12
NC        pins 1+20         none