This handheld RF controller has 53 commands and an OLED display


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I made this for my home automation system which has expanded in the last few years to 10 homemade receivers of various designs and capabilities, most of which are in daily use.
I use cheap OOK transmitters and receivers in the 434 MHz ISM band, and achieve reliable and dependable communication thanks to the unique protocol and hardware I have designed.
The 2-row by 16-column display always identifies the action. The up and down buttons select one of my 10 receivers, which is identified on the top row. The left and right buttons select the channel and the command of that receiver for action. These are displayed on the lower row. The center button commands a transmission.
While off, there is no current draw. This device powers up by pressing the center button. If this button is initially kept pressed the display shows the temperature and battery voltage.
It automatically powers down within a minute after the last button press. While on, the current draw is mostly due to the display, and varies with the characters. A typical value is 20 MA, so the 2 AAA alkaline batteries should last 2000 operations.
The only difficult part of the program was finding permanent storage for the display strings, and the index tables to address them and which also contain the command characters. I had to use the TABLE storage area.
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