Testing quote and link to quote

Jack Burns

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This is some random text so I can test how quote works in a following post.
More importantly I don’t currently know how to link back to a specific post when quoting.


At the top of the post you wish to link to there is
1. The day and time at the left
2 three icons at the right. From right to left they are: post number, bookmark and LINK/Share (the one that looks like 3 small boxes linked).

click on the LINK icon and a pop up appears with the address you need including the post number. Copy that link/address into you post or you can paste into the Internet address bar as a test if you want

this should take you to a post I did earlier today:

Jack Burns

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westaust55 thank you for the help, I will now put it to the test.

EEPROM Endurance:

Adding time stamps to the axe110 datalogger:

Sunrise and Sunset calculations:

Works perfectly. Thanks again.