Test of noparse


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[PLAIN] - Plain text

Disables BB code translation on the wrapped text.

Example: [PLAIN]This is not [B]bold[/B] text. Output:
This is not bold text.


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[noparse][/noparse] becoming [plain][/plain] was one of the changes which arrived when we moved from the previous to XenForo forum software.

All the [noparse][/noparse] message tags were converted to [plain][/plain] when we migrated, but not the text within them. So the instructions to use [noparse][/noparse] remain and are of course now wrong, do not work. I guess you saw one of those older posts which said to use [noparse][/noparse].

Not sure what is best or easiest to do; find and update those old posts or try and get [noparse][/noparse] accepted as valid code tags.


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"PLAIN" just doesn't describe the action wanted. "NOPARSE" is technically more descriptive, but not exactly intuitive. I've had to look both of them up in the help, as well as "[CODE rich]", whenever I wanted to use that functionality.

At the very least, I would think adding some BBCode to that "Insert" drop down would be convenient. Perhaps replace the highly useful :)D) "Spoiler", "Inline spoiler" and "_ Inline code" menu items with "NOPARSE" and "Code Rich"?

As far as the text conversion is concerned, I did a quick search on "[NOPARSE]" and found only seven occurances since the year 2000. Some of those were changes within [CODE][/CODE] tags. Didn't understand that. That's not a huge problem.


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I used [noparse][/noparse] a few times in the past to explain to newbies how to use [code][/code] tags when posting code. OK, I'll use [plain][/plain] in future.

Thanks for the clarification.