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Would I be right in thinking the table command will use program space to store constants and the data command won't? (256 bytes max obviously)


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It depends on which PICAXE.

The table memory is shared on X1 and X2 parts but is seperate on M2 parts.
M2 parts have 512 locations (0-511). These are separate to the 2048 bytes of program memory, so do not affect program length.

X1 and X2 parts have 256 locations (0-255). When table is used these reduce the overall program memory capacity of these parts (4096 - 256)
With data/eeprom, it varies and is different for different chips even in the same range so see the eeprom page for info.


If you read PiCAXE manual 2 or the on-line command reference all would be clear.

It all depends on which PICAXE chip you refer to:
For Table memory:
X1/X2 part it occupies part of program space
for M2 parts the table memory is separate to program space.

For Data/EEPROM memory:
M parts the 08M2 and early 18M2 use part of program space.
All other M2 parts including the 18M2+ as well as X1/ 2 part have separate data space.
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The editor(with 082M) gives :

TABLE 0,(1,2,3,4)
Error: 'table' command not supported by this chip!

Maybe I should include the M2 briefing note:

The 08M2 and early 18M2 do not include table memory.

The very topic of the on line Command reference not clearly indicating which M2 parts have Table memory was discussed in another thread just yesterday ( started by your good self: )
The PDF PICAXE manual 2 is however correct (08M2 is not included in the chip diagrams at left of the relevant page).