sub us resolution timer timer


Hi its while since Ive geen on here - hope your all good already spied a few usual suspects, you know who you are.

As the nights are drawing in my attention seems to turn to projects and learning to ham more code.

This years challenge is to make a timer with a start and stop - convert the result into feet per second. You all said easy, I heard you.

I want .125us resolution and a max count of about 750us - data conversion to display feet per second.

All in I want better than 0.5% accuracy too.

Gun chronograph..



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Hi wolfgang

Thanks for the reply. I see there ir a lot of history with the chronos the can be expensive commercially.

I seen your counter, Im a bit out of touch and I have to sat - I dont really understand it, to be honest.

Im guessing using a picaxe for fast counting with resolution is pushing it a bit. ?

speeds to 900feet/sec owuld be the ticket..