Sound command

Hi All,

I am wanting to try and use the sound command to emit sounds at prescribed frequencies.

Can anyone provide a table or formula or the like so that I can determine output frequency from the "note" input parameter of the function.

Many thanks.
A search of the forum archives came up with the following: <A href=';forum_id=29&amp;Topic_Title=Playing%2Ba%2Bnote%2B%252E%252E%252Ethe%2Bhard%2Bway%2B%253F%2521&amp;forum_title=No+new+posts+please%21+21' Target=_Blank>External Web Link</a>

It contains a wealth of PICAXE sound frequency info. Hope it helps.
Thanks for the reply. I had read this post and apart from confusing me I don't think it gave me the answer is was looking for.

The Picaxe manual refers to ascending tones but doesn't quantify what tone it starts at or the increment.
Thanks very much for sending the file it will help me out a lot.

Perhaps Rev-ed can publish this info in the documentation somewhere as it isn't the first time this qst has been asked.