Sound and light box


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Hi people,

Thank you in advance for any help I get here, it is appreciated.
I have decided to try and make a music box for my 1yo old boy to replace his nursery rhyme books that you cannot change the batteries in! If I list what I want to be able to do it will be easier to read (I hope!)

Six digital inputs (momentary pushbutton)
Storage for six nursery rhymes of approx 1 min each.
Led lights to flash in time with the music.

I've fairly limited electronics knowledge, I have done some power electronics years ago, but I'm pretty clued up on electrical theory.
My questions are:
Can Picaxe facilitate the functions I require?
What IC chip, EEPROM and sound chip would I need?
And is any one prepared to help me through it please?!

I want to make it so I'm hoping it'll be achievable on breadboard.

I'm brand spanking new to PICAXE. In fact I only heard about it after trying to find a way to emulate (without the shonky soldering and faults) the shocking individual sound cards I got from an online company that were mostly faulty or temperamental at best.

I know that lot is a big ask, but any pointers will be greatly received.

Cheers guys,