Slots, variables and RAM in an M2


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I'm considering using slot1 of a 14M2 (I think the same will apply to 18M2 and 20M2) but I'm a bit unclear about what is shared and what is separate between slots. So far, I'm clear that EEPROM is shared, TABLE is separate and variables (b0, w1 etc.) are shared. Hope I got that right. Hippy's memory map (post 11) shows those.

What I'm unsure about is the rest of RAM. I presume it's shared along with the variables.

And another thing - is bptr shared or separate between slots? There are also those SFR locations, though they are not currently of concern to me.



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Essentially, each slot is a program code area (which includes TABLE). Everything else is shared, including variables, SFRs and bptr. The only thing I have noticed with the M2s is that DATA (EEPROM) statements are ignored for slot 1 (you can see the download doesn't do a data sequence). However, because EEPROM is shared between slots, that should not be an issue in most cases.