simulator output 2 Picaxe18X


high 6
for b0 = 10 to 200 step 4
high 7
next b0

This is a snipit from an Picaxe 18X program.
When I run the Simulator in the editor as I pass the "For b0 10 to 200 " line output 2 on the simulator goes "High" bright green.

I was wondering why, Is it a bug.

I have even run the above snipit in a new program with no other code and it does same.
I havent tried it on the actual chip to see if the pin actually goes high. .......

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What editor version are you running?

It appears to simulate correctly for me on v5.1.4

I think some older version had issues like this. Running on the chip should be fine.



Using editor 5.1.4
Working Ok Now ! ! !

I tried it umpteen time in my main program and couldnt get it to work, I copied the snipit out to a new prog and it wouldnt work
But it works now........ I dont Know....

Thanks for your help