Simulator freeze with INV command


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Hi, I am preparing a program for use on the 28x1. When the simulator reaches the line temp3 = inv temp2 I receive the error message "unknown math operator in simulate_let_unary". The section of code is as follows:

for temp = 0 to 15
temp2 = temp * 2 + 81
temp3 = temp * 2 + 80
peek temp2,duration_m
peek temp3,duration_s
duration = duration_m * 60 + duration_s
if elapsed > duration then
temp2 = dcd temp
temp3 = inv temp2
w0 = w0 and temp3
end if
next temp

Does anybody know if this is a simulator problem or a programmer problem? Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.


Any use of INV in the simulator locks up for me as well even when using the #28X1 directive.
It compiles OK though, so probably OK in a real chip.
Sorry, don't have a 28X1 to hand to try it out.

I'm still running 5.1.1 Do you have the latest?


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Thanks for the reply.
Yes, I'm using 5.1.5. I also do not yet have a 28x1 chip to try it on, just hoping to find out if there are any problems before I lash out with the bickies.