Simulating a PIC - code generation tool missing


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Hello All, I've a question regarding the code generation step when attaching a source file to a PIC for use during simulation.

In the Proteus VSM Help - Interactive Simulation Tutorial at the step where a code generation tool for the TL.ASM file is selected from the Add/Remove Source Code Files dialogue box, the Code Generation Tool area is grey and contains the value <NONE> even after browsing for and selecting the TL.ASM file from the samples folder.

Is there some initialisation required for the MPASM tool to appear as a choice or is this tool not included in the PICAXE VSM package and must be purchased separately or a similar tool sourced elsewhere and installed first?

Perhaps these tutorials need some caveats at the top regarding applicability based on the installed version?

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If you have purchased the PICAXE VSM product then you can only simulate the PICAXE micro's.

If you have a Professional 'Proteus VSM for PIC' product as well then the required tools (MPASM etc) should be available via Code Generation Dialogue...although the majority of our customers now use either MPLAB directly or their compiler of choice and then simply specify the COF file as the PROGRAM property of the PIC component on the schematic.

From what you say I assume that the help files at this stage are not PICAXE specific - apologies for the confusion.