Shared Memory Access Conflict


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I have a Net001 and Picaxe28X connected. Time, date and temperature information is displayed on a web page. A set point is uploaded from the web page using the cgi command (13 and 14). In the Picaxe 28X when I use a readi2c 24,(b9) program line to read the set point data into the general purpose variable (b9), time and other data from the DS1307 RTC is corrupted. This corruption does not occur if I either close the web page or if I remove the readi2c 24,(b9) line from the PicAxe28X program. The corruption does not occur immediately but after a few minutes (variable). I believe there is an access timing conflict between the 28X program and the requests to update the web page. Am I on the right path here and is there a known solution to this problem?