sertxd and terminal


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despite my age I'm still trying to learn:
I wrote the simple sertxd code example of pag. 219 of manual 2.
#picaxe 08m2
#terminal 4800
for b1=1 to 2
    sertxd("the value of b1 is ",#b1,13,10)
next b1

Using debug I see the b1 increasing its value in binary while in the terminal I see everything in groups of 3 decimal numbers.
How can I display the "xxxxx" text of the sertxd?
What is wrong?


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Have a look at your terminal settings. There are display options for RX for ASCII, decimal and hex. You need ASCII to be ticked.

Incidentally why is your loop b1 = 1 to 2, with b1 being incremented inside the loop as well?


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thanks. I am still overlooking many little details. It was 5 years that I was away from picas programming and at my age (77) is still possible to learn but it is harder to remember. Thanks again.