serin variables

Hi folks,
If I send 16 bytes as one serial message, there is only a max. of 14 GP variables available to receive same, using Serin.
Is there a way around this, apart from splitting the data into separate sends?
Is it possible to put the Serin data directly in other variables?



Technical Support
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Which PICAXE are you using ? Modern M2's have 28 byte variables, 'b0' through 'b27', X2's have twice that, 56.

Only very old PICAXE have only 14 byte variables and don't support 'ptr' or 'bptr'..
Oops, I forgot that the M2 have 28 GP variables.
It was just a habit to work within 14.
So, I don't have a problem after all.
Thanks Hippy.

Ken Mac