Serin timeout and DC motors


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Just a quick one. Does the timeout on the 28x1 serin timeout if the correct qualifier is not received, or only if no serial data is received? I am aiming to setup a wireless link with those cheap 433 MHz transmitters, but these seem to receive all the time.

In the past I have used a dedicated picaxe 8 to receive wireless data and pass it on to the "master" chip. Would like to get rid of the 5 chips in my current design and replace with a 28x1.

Also, what is better for running a DC motor, a high PWN frequency or a low frequency? I am building a speed controller for my radio control car, btw.

Many thanks

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Michael 2727

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Re: Motors, search Google or the Microchip web site for -

AN893 or 00893a.pdf
AN905 or 00905a.pdf
AN847 and maybe -
AN538 or 00538c.pdf

This should give you enough to chew on for a few days, in general they say 4kHz to 20kHz read the notes, I use 4kHz as it is the baseline for standard Picaxe PWMOUT.
You can poke the registers and go lower, search this forum for that info.