Serin 08M no incorrect pin errors

Michael 2727

Senior Member
I just noticed my Program Editor Ver- (old I know,
and not going to change it for the moment)
Running in enhanced, colour mode does not report
any errors if I use the incorrect pin (08M) e.g. -
serin 0,N2400,b0
serin 1,N2400,b0
serin 2,N2400,b0
serin 3,N2400,b0
serin 4,N2400,b0
serin 5,N2400,b0, etc
I stopped checking at, serin 12,N2400,b0 still no errors.
What happens in the current Editor software ?
Maybe I have too much spare time :p


Technical Support
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It doesn't report errors for "HIGH 65535" or any other similar situations either, never has done. Should it ? I'd say yes, and would report such errors in my own compilers. The situation where using a variable cannot be determined at compile time; "b0=123 : HIGH b0".

There's lax syntax checking across the whole compiler where numbers can be out of range with unpredicatable or unexpected results, and some are harder to spot than others; "SEROUT 1,4800,(65535)". That's the way it is. I'd do it differently.

Michael 2727

Senior Member
Hippy this is the pin numbering and not the variable data.
e.g. pin0 is only an output, and 08Ms don't have 12 pins,
my eyes are getting bad but not that bad.