Serial - Serout, Sertxd on Pin0 clarification please.

Michael 2727

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Not wanting to mess up the current thread, serial serial sertxd on 18X, etc.

SEROUT- on the Download Output Pin.
Have I been doing it the wrong way all this time ?
(wouldn't be the first, and probably not the last ~ ;o)

From the picaxe Manual2.pdf
The serout command is used to transmit serial data from an output pin of the
microcontroller. It cannot be used with the serial download output pin - use the
sertxd command in this case
Could someone please elaborate on what issues may occur here.
An additional mention in the Manual wouldn't go astray I think.

On my Schools Experimenter board, AXE092, with an 08M chip
( Pin0 on the 08M is the SERIAL OUT pin )

I have been quite happily using the download cable (Stereo Socket )
for downloading new programs, then when needed using the exact
setup for sending data back to the Terminal app or SelmaDAQ.xls
and maybe a couple of other apps. (No jumper pins on the axe092 )
I don't seem to have had any problems that I've noticed.
I don't use SEROUT very often though.

I have had a search but did not really turn up anything on this subject.
I gather some output formats may not work properely ?
I don't have a variety of other chips to to test either.

Any info appreciated,