Sensor TOF10120 laser distance


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Welcome to the forum. Sorry, no experience myself and a forum search doesn't show anything, but with both RS232 and I2C interfaces it should be quite possible to use with a PICaxe. The A*** "sketch" doesn't look complicated, but I haven't examined it in detail. I presume you have seen the DroneBotWorkShop review which looks quite "competent" ? I understand why the ultrasonic method may have "issues" above 50 cms, but I'm surprised by the reported inaccuracy of the TOF method.

Just a couple of hints: The IR is not the "nearest" frequency to visible light. I have an IP camera which uses that frequency (at night) and the illumination LEDs are truly "invisible", unlike most cameras. Also, I note that the Banggood UK warehouse has them in stock at a price only slightly higher than most (ebay) sellers with their stock in China. I'd be very tempted myself, if I didn't already have far too many projects "on the shelf" already. ;)

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From my quadcopter (now abandoned) experience with TOF sensors inc ultrasonic, the more you pay the more reliable & accurate they are.

More expensive, but worth considering is the Benewake TFMini - I had the most success with this one.
0.3M to 12M, serial TTL data output either in binary or plaintext mode.
In plaintext mode, eg. 1.21 metres is ouput as 1.21(esc)
Baudrate is 115K by default but configurable from 9600 all the way up to 512k,
sample rate is 100hz continuous by default, but can be set to on request.

All depends really on what you want to do with it.

Oh yes, forgot to add, the Datasheet is written in real english.