S2Bot(Win) v.0.1.0 + BLED112 Dongle + Sphero BB8


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Hi guys,

Did anyone try connecting S2Bot(Win) v.0.1.0 via BLED112 with Sphero BB8 (on the latest firmware)?
On my machine (Win10 Enterprise) S2Bot(Win) hangs with "Attempting to communicate with BB8" status.
Disconnect-Connect never works. Droid is on woken-up state, tried pairing it with Sphero native iOS app - works like a charm.
Also tried S2Bot App - it scans for droid forever. Also noticed that S2Bot App uses integrated bluetooth device, not BLED112 as S2Bot(Win) does.

Would be glad to hear if somebody solved that issue.



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Also is there a way to run s2bot in debug/trace mode to see what's going on?
Here's the only one picture I see while trying to connect to BB8:


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Finally I was able to get it working.

The main problem was with BLED112 used dongle that I bought a few days ago. It was running under some custom firmware and not working properly.
I repatched dongle with default "ble-1.3.2-122\example\dkble112\usbcdc\out-ble112.hex" (higher versions including the latest available were not working for some reason).
Right after that S2Bot was able to see a dongle and started operating normally, so I was able to connect to BB8.