RTC with 2/3 day lenght time


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This is the first half a project that I started working on a month ago. Although it still works as a free standing unit at this point. The other part will be external with sensors.
Plus I wanted to say a thanks to all you guys that have help me along the way, with many posts and snippets that I integrated and modified to complete it.

This is the sort of project that requires an open mind, to except why anyone would even bother it. But for DoomsDayers, it may be of interest.
Its a clock that counts a conventional 24 hour day. But can also do a 16 hour day +- 1 hour in 1 minute increments.
Its biggest disadvantage is that it only uses seconds from the 3231. So it can't keep track of time if the power is turned off. But it does store the last time/date in the eeprom.
The comments in the code explain all its other functions.
Both programs use 4bit OLED driving.



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Thanks Ibenson (y)
I think I learnt more about Picaxe with this build over the last month, than I had in the last 10 years. Most of my past builds used Picaxe's like a PLC.
I just have a bit more time on my hands at the moment.
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