rs232 driver


What you have posted is basically a schematic.
I feel you have a question but may need to elaborate on you problem or information.

what is the source (internet link) for the diagram you provided?
Tell us more and folks here can help.


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As always, it depends on what you want to do. The HD44780 is a common LCD driver, and there are plenty of threads on this forum about it already, interfacing with various Picaxe chips. I use it with 20X2, 28X2 and 40X2 chips - usually via an 8-bit shift register to conserve Picaxe pins (in spite the thread I reference later), but you can connect 4 or 8 of the DB pins directly to a Picaxe. Look into some of the other threads, such as this and then ask for more specific help.


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de bedoeling is om een temperatuurmeter te maken volgens het voorbeeld van Marks
met een rs 232 schip, maar er is geen bouw van printplaat