Robotics Author Gordon McComb Passed Away


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I'm sad to relay the news that my friend and mentor Gordon McComb passed away last week. He is a well-known and prolific tech writer, he authored the original "bible" of the hobby, "Robot Builder's Bonanza", back in 1987. That book is a goldmine of information, likely owned by many here. The fifth edition will be released this December.

I had the great fortune to become acquainted with Gordon over the past several years through the Parallax forum. He lives about 75 miles from me in southern California and we met several times for lunch and to discuss various projects. He was a tireless advocate of all things robotic and his many books and articles have influenced generations of budding roboticists.

Photo attached shows Gordon (center) flanked by fanboys Jon (L) and myself (R), having lunching and pondering the future of robots.

He will be missed. RIP Gordon.