RIP: Hans Camenzind, Inventor Of The 555 Timer


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What great read! A pity they didn't outline just why it was called the 555, even though Hans himself once said the title was arbitrary. Yeah right - I've always favoured the 3 x 5k internal resistor explanation, & pondered why such non preferred values were used. Of course the title wouldn't have been so catchy if billed as a "4k74k74k7" ! For those now rusty on 555 basics perhaps check for all manner of lucid insights.

So I guess this now gives the "new millenium 555" (& 555 lookalike) 8 pin PICAXEs a clear run ahead? Stan.


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He left quite a legacy - just a few days ago I saw circuits to drive a MOSFET gate with a 555 [not CMOS version as you need higher current drive] - and I remember Don Lancaster predicting with micros we would no longer need 555s about 30 years ago - it didn't happen and 555 has outlived it's inventor... R.I.P. Hans! [I wonder if pha555 used it for his screen name...]