rigol dm3058e Bench meter


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It’s a long shot I know.......
Do any of you have a schematic for a rigol dm3058e bench meter ?
Manufacturers of no help and I’ve spent hours searching google.
Mine has stopped measuring AC voltage for some reason, everything else works perfectly ?
Thanks for reading, hope someone can help 👍


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I don't have info on that meter but I have noted on other boards solder in fuses that don't look like a fuse. Some look like a capacitor, others like a resistor. I found one cap like one by Googling 'solder in fuses' and found a pic of the same device I had. Just a thought, but you might find a likely candidant that seems to measure open circuit.


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Hi Guys,
Thanks for your input, thankfully it is still under warranty so i will be returning it for inspection / repair.
Not good really when it was purchased last October and has seen very little use.
Thanks again :)


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Hi, I did find a service manual for this online, which looks pretty comprehensive but no circuit that I could see. Beware if you are returning something as faulty. A friend of mine returned a rather expensive scope, which was deemed as a "user induced". He ended up paying a stupidly large repair bill.