RGB-Matrix-LED-screen module driver info required.

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Hi Guys,

Has anyone managed to interface picaxe to this module?

It uses the i2c interface.

I can't find a datasheet anywhere.


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I may be wrong but it appears to have an Arduino (or at least has an Atmel chip) on-board.

I always get nervous when Chinese-to-English translations have a lot of spelling and grammatical errors. (Eg. I've never configured a URAT before!)

This description makes it quite clear to me: "Full-color RGB matrix driver board is a dedicated full-color RGB matrix designed a Arduino control board module, which in addition to RGB matrix independently driven , but also can be used as an Arduino control panel to use. Very convenient and practical , on-board chip is ATmega 328 chip , board above also raises the ISP interface , you can always give 328 chip burning bootloader. The disadvantage is that unlike other Arduino Uno board , have no leads to the corresponding I / 0 I came out , but leads to a number of IIC interface and power supply interface".

...which reminds me - I have to wash my hair today. Perhaps I should mow the lawn, too :).


Hello TOF,

DXExtreme are selling the same thing. On their website it states:
English Manual / Spec No
HobbyComponents do at least have an Ardweeno "Sketch" (program) example that might provide some information:
Bottom of the page (for forum registered members) there is attached schematic and datasheet.

You could always consider constructing your own driver. See what I did back in 2009 here (pages 3 and 4 in the thread):
Now with PICAXE chips having up to 32 MHz clock internal on M2 parts and up to 64 MHz on X2 parts (28 and 40 pin with external resonators) flicker should be greatly reduced over my original project.

In lieu of constructing ones own as prices for such an item appear to have dropped quite a lot since 2009, maybe with the 8x8 RGB LED matrix form the Ebay site: