Receiving Hisense TV IR signals. Is this possible?


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Hi all,

Is there a way for any type of picaxe to receive Hisense volume IR commands?

I know the irin command receives "Sony" commands but is there maybe a tricky way to get other brands of remote control to work?

I only need to receive two buttons from a Hisense TV remote. Volume up and volume down.



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Depending on the IR format that is used, it could be possible to use a PICAXE to receive and interpret the signals from your remote control handset.

The NEC IR protocol appears to be the most common. All of the IR remotes that I have use this protocol. 2 x TV, 2 x DVD players, an old VCR and 2 x PVR - and none are NEC brand. Have a look at how I implemented this on a PICAXE 20X2 here.


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Thanks so much IWP!

Your code is a fantastic running start.

My aim is to get the Hisense remote to control the amp volume. I don't want to keep switching from 1 remote to the other. The amp has an encoder type volume control so I'm hoping to solder wires to the knob and spoof high/low transitions as required!


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It should be possible to do. If it comes to the worse it's usually possible to stream the IR bits into RAM / Scratchpad as fast as possible, scan through that to determine what packet was received.

The code in the thread below does that, analyses the data received, and gives information on how a packet can be verified and decoded for a particular remote and IR protocol -


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Welcome, hax. First, it's worth taking a shot to see if the Picaxe can read any Hisense IR signals as Sony codes. The built-in Sony decoder is robust and simple to use. There are many different IR protocols, but I have found that some codes overlap between brands. You only need 2 buttons, so if it reads anything at all (or misreads consistently, maybe volume reads as mute, etc) for those keys, you my be able program around that. Alternatively, try all buttons on the remote to find two (non-volume) buttons that the Picaxe can read as Sony codes.
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