readtemp12 pins on 28x1


I searched the manual for the pin requirements for the readtemp12 command and did not see any limitations other than an analog input pin. I upgraded my chip to the 28x1 but can not get the pin I want to read the analog value.

I get an error with:
ReadTemp12 porta pin3,W0 'leg5

It only allows me to use "3" but that is leg 14 and not an analog input. I assume the ADC on the datasheet means Analog Digital conversion.


The DS18B20 that readtemp adresses is a digital device not analog. It must be connected to a digital pin that bi-directional. For a 28X1, that can be any of the 'normal' digital (0to7) input pins.
Also be aware that the 28X1 supports one wire commands which will give you better control of the DS18B20. Examples are given in the manual. eg start a conversion then read later rather than have to wait the full 750mS doing nothing.