RDM630 125khz RFID Card Reader CODE EXAMPLE


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This is a ruffy had to tryout the new forum,recently my car immobilizer packed up
so it was time to look for a picaxe replacement which one lol 8m2 14m2 18m2 20m2 lol !

The RDM630 has a uart output of 9600 bps TTL so we should interface it using T9600

#picaxe 20X2    'version C.0 marks   
#Terminal 38400

 EEPROM   0,(50,66,48,48,66,48,48,55,50,51,66,55)    'RFID TAG1
 EEPROM  12,(50,66,48,48,66,48,67,55,52,56,57,55)    'RFID TAG2
 	SYMBOL RDM630     = B.4         'TTL use T9600
 	SYMBOL BlueLED    = C.4
 	SYMBOL LatchRelay = C.0
 	SYMBOL ResetRelay = C.1
 	SYMBOL data1      = B1          'ManufacturersCode
 	SYMBOL data2      = B2          'ManufacturersCode
 	SYMBOL data3      = B3          'Byte 1 TAG number	
 	SYMBOL data4      = B4          'Byte 2 TAG number
 	SYMBOL data5      = B5          'Byte 3 TAG number	
 	SYMBOL data6      = B6          'Byte 4 TAG number	
 	SYMBOL data7      = B7          'Byte 5 TAG number
	SYMBOL data8      = B8          'Byte 6 TAG number
 	SYMBOL data9      = B9          'Byte 7 TAG number
 	SYMBOL data10     = B10         'Byte 8 TAG number	
 	SYMBOL checksum1  = B11         'CheckSum   	
 	SYMBOL checksum2  = B12         'CheckSum	
 	SYMBOL Verify     = b13
 	SYMBOL Decimal    = b14 	
 	SYMBOL checkedData= b15	
 	SYMBOL tagData    = b16
 	SYMBOL RFIDtag    = b17
 PAUSE 2000 
      RFIDtag = 0                    'Start check from first Tag in EEprom
     SerIn RDM630,T9600_32,(2), data1 , data2 , data3 , data4 , data5 , data6 , data7 , data8 , data9 , data10  ,checksum1,checksum2 
      SerTxd(CR,LF," RFID TAG "  ,#b1,",",#b2,",",#b3,",",#b4,",",#b5,",",#b6,",",#b7,",",#b8,",",#b9,",",#b10,",",#b11 ,",",#b12,CR,LF)
      pulsout BlueLED,60000
     FOR Verify = 12 TO 1 STEP -1  'checking in reverse order usually meens less processing 
     tagData = Verify + RFIDtag -1
     READ tagData,Decimal
    SELECT CASE Verify                       
 case  1 :checkedData = data1
 case  2 :checkedData = data2
 case  3 :checkedData = data3
 case  4 :checkedData = data4
 case  5 :checkedData = data5
 case  6 :checkedData = data6
 case  7 :checkedData = data7
 case  8 :checkedData = data8
 case  9 :checkedData = data9
 case 10 :checkedData = data10
 case 11 :checkedData = checksum1
 case 12 :checkedData = checksum2
     IF Decimal <> checkedData AND RFIDtag = 12 THEN scantag  ' Last RFID Tag in EEprom  checked no match(if we add another Tag it would become 24)
     IF Decimal <> checkedData THEN : RFIDtag = RFIDtag + 12 : GOTO checktag : ENDIF ' Check next RFID Tag in EEprom for a match
     NEXT Verify
      pulsout BlueLED,20000 
     SerTxd(CR,LF,"VERIFY OK",CR,LF) 'Once tag has been verified, because of the 20 secs delay below, you must wait before you can scan another tag
      pulsout BlueLED,20000
      pulsout LatchRelay,3000 ' latch relay on so I can start my car
      SwitchOn BlueLED 
      pause 60000 pause 60000 ' 20 second delay approx
      pulsout ResetRelay,3000 ' reset dissable crank
      SwitchOff BlueLED:
     GOTO ScanTag             ' probaly remove this line so process will only repeat when powered ON again from ignition.
Used on my picaxe 20x2 driving a blueled and 5v latch relay with set and reset coil.
Led will flash whenever card data is read.

Scan your Tag - 12 decimal numbers should be displayed
You can copy the 12 byte code from the Serial Terminal
than just paste over the existing eeprom statement.

When Tag is scanned and matches the eeprom statement VERIFY OK will be seen in the Terminal.
Relay output and led remains on for a short period ( enough to start the car hopefully)
could be used to arm and disarm an alarm system or unlock a door.
then can just use the same keytag for everything lol!
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Except by sharing your code we now know the RFID tags to your car...now to buy a few hundred thousand RFID cards and hope we get the right code in at least 1!!! :rolleyes:


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Actually if any one is smart enough to work the checksum numbers out you'l find I already changed those numbers lol.
and yes you only need one card a programmable one
and they have modules around as well that can read your tag save it in eeprom and then be used as your card.
Unfortunatedly i guess we can only try to make things a little harder.


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Thanks for this Marks.. I've just brought one of these ( promptly locked up my first 18m2 chip trying to interface with it...lol ) and you're code will make life a LOT easier ...Now to wire up the 20x2...:) Cheers..



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I will have to blame neiltechspec for sparking interest in this when I should be doing my tax lol.

I have written the new programs to work with the 18m2 and so hopefully should also work with a 08m2 .
Once programmed the serial terminal will open, just scan all your cards.
It should then display EEPROM data and the 10 digit RFID tag numbers ,just copy and paste into our next program.
(Click & drag the left mouse button over all the text,while still holding down click and release the right mouse button
then release the left button you should then be able to select copy from the menu).
'#picaxe 08m2  'syntax only
#picaxe 18m2    'version 2.D AXE132  marks
#terminal 38400

SETFREQ M32              'RMD630 sends 12 ASCII bytes  
SYMBOL RDM630     = C.1  'TTL use T9600 

SYMBOL BCD        = B0   :  SYMBOL DECimal  = B0 ' bit7: x : x : x | bit3 : x : x : x
SYMBOL HEX        = B1
SYMBOL data0      = B2
SYMBOL data1      = B3
SYMBOL data2      = B4	
SYMBOL data3      = B5
SYMBOL CarryBit   = b6
SYMBOL BitCount   = b7
SYMBOL Index      = b8	
SYMBOL RFIDtag    = b9   :  RFIDtag = 0 'Change to your saved EEPROM start position.
bptr = 28
SERIN RDM630,T9600_32,(2),@bptrinc,@bptrinc,@bptrinc,@bptrinc,@bptrinc,@bptrinc,@bptrinc,@bptrinc,@bptrinc,@bptrinc,@bptrinc,@bptrinc

DisplayTagIDdata:  'Display 4byte HEX
 SERTXD("EEPROM ",#RFIDtag," ,($",@bptrinc,@bptrinc,",$",@bptrinc,@bptrinc,",$",@bptrinc,@bptrinc,",$",@bptrinc,@bptr,") 'RFID TAG ")

TagIDdata:'Convert ASCII to 4 dataBytes   
   FOR bptr = 30 TO 37   
     IF @bptr > "9" THEN : @bptr=@bptr-7 : ENDIF
     @bptr = @bptr * 16   
  bptr= 37
     data0 = @bptrdec / 16 + @bptrdec
     data1 = @bptrdec / 16 + @bptrdec
     data2 = @bptrdec / 16 + @bptrdec
     data3 = @bptrdec / 16 + @bptrdec 
Covert32bitHEX:  'Convert 32bitHEX to BCD
CarryBit = 0
BitCount = 32
   FOR bptr = 2 TO 5 
      HEX = @bptr / 128 : @bptr = @bptr * 2 + CarryBit : CarryBit = HEX
    FOR bptr = 44 TO 40 STEP-1
       HEX = @bptr / 128 : @bptr = @bptr * 2 + CarryBit : CarryBit = HEX  
   DEC BitCount 
     IF BitCount  <> 0 THEN : bptr = 40
       FOR Index = 0 To 4
             BCD = @bptr + 3
           IF Bit3 = 1 THEN : @bptr = BCD : ENDIF
               BCD = @bptr + 48
             IF Bit7 = 1 THEN : @bptr = BCD : ENDIF
           INC bptr
       NEXT index
LOOP UNTIL BitCount = 0
Display10DigitDecimal: 'Convert BCD to DEC 
      FOR bptr = 40 TO 44
         BCD = @bptr / 16 : SerTXD(#DECimal) : BCD = @bptr & $0F : SerTXD(#DECimal) :  @bptr = 0       
  RFIDtag = RFIDtag + 4 
GOTO ScanTag
I can now understand why they use to write equations in hex alot faster and less complex for a computer to process lol.
With this newer program we take advantage of using a checksum and now only require 4 bytes of data to be saved in EEPROM
for each RFID tag .Usually the first few numbers are the same on these cards so we check them in reverse order to speed things up.
I'm finding using those bit pointers a real blessing no wonder they feature early in the picaxe manuals.
At the moment just responds with some messages but this should be enough to get most started!
Will add some funtion and a circuit when i get a chance.
'#picaxe 08m2  'syntax only
#picaxe 18m2    'version 2.D AXE132  marks
#terminal 38400

SETFREQ M32              'RMD630 sends 12 ASCII bytes 
PAUSE 4000               'delay for terminal to open
SYMBOL RDM630     = C.1  'TTL use T9600

SYMBOL HEX        = B1
SYMBOL data0      = B2
SYMBOL data1      = B3
SYMBOL data2      = B4	
SYMBOL data3      = B5

SYMBOL Index      = b8	
SYMBOL RFIDtag    = b9   
SYMBOL dataM      = B10    
SYMBOL checksum   = B11 
SYMBOL tagData    = B12
EEPROM 0 ,($00,$8B,$07,$23) 'RFID TAG 0012060451 (example of valid tag)
EEPROM 4 ,($04,$05,$06,$07) 'RFID TAG xxxxxxxxxx (last saved positon is 7)

ScanTag: RFIDtag = 7  'Change this to your Last saved RFID TAG EEPROM position which will be the first to be checked.
         SERTXD (CR,LF,"....")  'Ready to scantag
         bptr = 28    'Serin 12 ASCII bytes     
   SERIN RDM630,T9600_32,(2),@bptrinc,@bptrinc,@bptrinc,@bptrinc,@bptrinc,@bptrinc,@bptrinc,@bptrinc,@bptrinc,@bptrinc,@bptrinc,@bptr

TagIDdata:  'Convert ASCII to 4 dataBytes and Check  
   FOR bptr = 28 TO 39   
     IF @bptr > "9" THEN : @bptr = @bptr - 7 : ENDIF
  bptr = 39
  checksum = @bptrdec / 16 + @bptrdec
     data0 = @bptrdec / 16 + @bptrdec
     data1 = @bptrdec / 16 + @bptrdec
     data2 = @bptrdec / 16 + @bptrdec
     data3 = @bptrdec / 16 + @bptrdec 
     datam = @bptrdec / 16 + @bptr  
     datam = datam Xor data3 Xor data2 Xor data1 Xor data0 'Checksum must be valid
  IF datam <> checksum THEN SERTXD (CR,LF,"CheckSum FAIL") : GOTO scantag : ENDIF

      tagData = RFIDtag : bptr = 2
     FOR index = 0 TO 3  
       READ tagData,HEX : DEC tagData : IF @bptrinc <> HEX THEN nexttag 
     RFIDtag = RFIDtag -3  'Display EEPROM location of a matched RFID TAG as programmed above
     SERTXD (CR,LF," Verify OK  EEPROM ",#RFIDtag)    
 GOTO ScanTag    
      NextTag:  IF RFIDtag = 3 THEN SERTXD (CR,LF," Access DENIED") : GOTO scantag : ENDIF 'last RFID TAG in EEPROM to be checked 
                RFIDtag = RFIDtag - 4 : GOTO checktag  'Check next RFID TAG in EEPROM for match


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That's a great demo code example, Marks. Works nicely on an 08M2 as you thought. I'm using the newer RDM6300. Thanks.