Raspberry pi camera and Picaxe


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I just have a quick question.

Does anyone think that I could hook up my raspberry pi camera to a picaxe?

It is a daytime/nighttime vision camera, that hooks up to the Raspberry pi with a ribbon cable.

I just wanted to ask before I tried to build anything.
Thank you.
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Do you mean use the PICaxe instead of the Pi, or in addition ? What do you want it to do (that the Pi can't) ?

The PICaxe might be able to control the power / LEDs and maybe Pan and Tilt the camera (with servos or steppers). But in terms of "handling" the image signal (let alone processing the image) then almost certainly not.

Cheers, Alan.


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I believe it's a definite "no" on taking video from the camera as that delivers data at full video speeds. Far too fast for a PICAXE to handle, and far too much data involved for the PICAXE to deal with. You could however use a Pi to capture the video and process it into something the PICAXE could then use.


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Okay, because I was reading about those picaxe satellites on the forum, and I was wondering if there was a way to capture video with them.

I thought I would ask first, just in case it was futile.