Radio FM RDA5807M


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Hello everyone,

I want to make a miniature FM radio with a RDA5807M associated with a PIC 08M2.
My specifications are very simple: a single frequency to receive in mono, fixed volume.
It seems to me that the program must have only a very limited number of lines.
The examples found on the net are written in C, use libraries, and seem too complex.
I have a little trouble with the functions of the different registers.
Do you have some successful experiences with this circuit ?
Thanks very much in advance.



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Welcome to the PICAXE forum.

The RDA5807M seems to be an I2C device so it should be controllable by a PICAXE. The issue would be what commands to send to it for initialisation and to set its configuration how you wanted it.

There are only sixteen 16-bit registers, most probably not needed to be used, so that should not be too hard to setup. Other example code should give some guidance on doing that and how to address the 16-bit registers.

The following thread might also be useful which suggests it is software compatible with the TEA5767 -