PUP Hand-Held LCD Game Console / Customisable


The PUP is a simple handheld console that provides the key elements of a game system – LCD screen, sound and user control – in a handy pocket sized package. It was Winner of the November 2012 PICAXE Project Prize.

The PUP is based around a 20pin PICAXE microcontroller. The current version uses the 20M2, but the pin assignment have been selected to allow an older 20M or more powerful 20X2 chip to also be used.

Several games have already been coded so far including cut-down clones of retro classics like Invaders, After-Burner and Crazy Taxi!

The apps are written in PICAXE BASIC, but to help manage the gaming and hardware elements I have also created a development tool called KodeKLIX. In addition to use as a gaming platform, it can be used for a range of other hardware / software projects, and expanded through its ports.

KodeKLIX software and manuals can be downloaded, and you can also purchase pre-assembled PUP boards, ready-to-go kits and expansions. The KodeKLIX software can also be used like AXEpad or any other third party tool for coding/programming your own PICAXE projects. Example of game editor output attached.

- Nick


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Your project is certainly very commendable in its own right -your winning of the Nov 2012 project is a sign of that.

However, The Rev Ed policy for this forum is to provide assistance, code snippets and other communications relating to the PICAXE forum.
A fundamental requirement of the Rev Ed provided forum as explained in the sticky Read Me First! post at the start/top of the Active forum is:
This forum is for any PICAXE related discussion - help with projects, general advise etc. No advertising or spamming is permitted.
The PICAXE Forums have been designed to facilitate the flow of useful, appropriate and fun information about the PICAXE system.

The Kodeclix website front page has text such as:
Sample kits of the PUP and software are available for eligible schools. Contact KodeKLIX with your course details to request one. Discounts available for classroom sets. Order your PUP hardware now to get started!

This make your enterprise sound like a commercial one and this thread is in effect an advertisement contrary to the Forum concepts.

Can I suggest that you either provide a link, or better still post here, your PICAXE program code that is finished and suitable for all readers to use without charge.
This section of the forum is after all intended to enable PICAXE users to
Show off and share your completed project with the PICAXE community!
Do you have permission from Rev Ed to include their logo on your web pages? (see attached as one example)?
I note that the webpage accessed from the Rev Ed website for the Nov 2012 project winner does not include the Rev Ed logos.


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Hi WestAust55,

Thank you for your observations and feedback. First post to this forum section, so apologies if I've overstepped the line. Have made some edits, including upload of editor output file.
The Kodeclix website front page has text such as:
The KodeKlix website has been active since April 2012, and a link to it was provided as part of submitting my November project. Site content has not significantly changed, including comment regarding 'availability of samples for schools' so if it had been objectionable I would have expected the issue to have been raised then. If the issue is simply whether I can point people to where to get the hardware for this project, then I'm not sure how else to do that as a follow-up to the competition entry?

The KodeKLIX software is no different to AXEpad, or a range of the editors (some hosted by PICAXE) which allow PICAXE users program in a different style. It uses the external runtime compilers Rev Ed make make available. KodeKLIX works better for me, and my kids; hoping it will be of use to others. The hardware unfortunately does cost money to make, especially at hobby quantities. But as I say, one does not need the hardware to use the software, only a PICAXE chip - which they buy from Rev Ed or distributors.

Happy to make further changes, or for Rev Ed to withdraw this post, if they consider it problematic.

Thanks for the feedback, hope I have made enough of a change with the post to comply, Nick