Proposal for categorization of "User Projects" part of forum


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After I contributed to the "Finished User PICAXE projects" section, I had some thoughts about the categorization of projects. I came to me that the current categorization maybe is a little bit too coarse and needs to be improved for the following reasons:

- One can be inspired and learn a lot from finished, working projects, and thus proper access to them is important.
- Projects come in a large variety of complexity and applications areas.
- A very notable advantage of the PICAXE as compared to most other BASIC-based microcontrollers is the high degree of "hackability", interfacing possibilities and the advantage of very low power applications (i.e. functioning far below 5V, clock downscaling). I think that the projects section should clearly reflect this advantage.
- The Finished User Projects part may become the most important advertisement for the picaxe (foreseen or unforeseen), and thus high standards should be maintained for both content as well as access structure.

I have the following proposal for a categorization (which basically is an extension of the current one):

User Projects - Robots
User Projects - Visual
- LED projects
- LCD projects
- other
User Projects - Audio
User Projects - Communication
- Inter-Picaxe networks
- Picaxe - internet
- Infrared/ultrasound comms
User Projects - Sensing/monitoring
- Monitoring projects
- Advanced sensors
User Projects - low power applications
User Projects - Miscellaneous
Tips & tricks:
- hardware
- software
- Tips on serial protocols and interfacing (I2C, 1-Wire, Serial (RS-232), analog)
- Low power tips

I would suggest to use the hierarchical structure as presented here as well (if technically possible).

Maybe we can also learn something from the competitors' fora concerning categorization.
As said earlier, a high-quality Projects part of the forum may well be a main selling and propaganda argument, and thus deserves proper attention.

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I would suggest to use the hierarchical structure as presented here as well (if technically possible).
I'll second that. If looking for information on radio, one's unlikely to be interested in TCP/IP and vice versa, but probably very interested in all and everything about the specific subject.