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This snippet comes from code I did for a Fuel Vaporizer. The Picaxe controls an "EGR Valve" to keep the temperature at about 450F inside a heat exchanger. I modified this code for general use by removing the specific temperature sensor stuff and replaced it with a Pot to simulate a temperature sensor.

I would not recommend using a DS18B20 for accurate proportional temperature control because the sampling rate is too slow. We used a K type thermocouple along with an Adafruit Max31855 Thermocouple Amplifier in our project. The sample rate was 10 samples per second in the final code, but I think that 5 samples per second should work fine for most applications.

'Proportional Control algorithm / code by for HOT Gas Valve in Fuel Vaporizer System

'With modification of the constants , this can also be used for general proportional control .

'Non-Engineering terms were used for variables to 'hopefully make the code and
'process more understandable 'for non-engineers. 

'Attach a 10K Pot to pin c.1 to simulate a temperature sensor

#Picaxe 20M2
[COLOR="#008000"]'#terminal 4800[/COLOR]

symbol gain      =  10[COLOR="#008000"] ' Determines Proportional band
                       ' With a gain of 10 the P Band will be from 400F to 500F
                       ' Increase gain to narrow the band [/COLOR]
symbol bias      = 500[COLOR="#008000"] ' Power Level at nominal operating condition (Assuming 50 percent power)[/COLOR]
symbol set_point = 450 [COLOR="#008000"]' Set Point value [/COLOR]
symbol adc_val       = w0
symbol process_value = w1[COLOR="#008000"] ' Process Value (temperature)[/COLOR]
symbol error_value   = w2 [COLOR="#008000"]' difference between SV & PV[/COLOR]
symbol power_level   = w3[COLOR="#008000"] ' Range is 0 to 1000 for 0 to 100 percent[/COLOR]
symbol temp_var      = w4[COLOR="#008000"] ' General Purpose Variable for intermediate math[/COLOR]


pwmout pwmdiv16, b.1, 249, 0 

      readadc10 c.1,ADC_Val 
      process_value = ADC_Val / 4 + 300  [COLOR="#008000"]'Scale ADC to Temperature Range [/COLOR]

     if process_value <= set_point then 
         error_value = set_point - process_value
         power_level = gain * error_value + bias Max 1000
         pwmduty b.1,power_level 
    elseif process_value >  set_point then
         error_value = process_value - set_point
         temp_var = gain * error_value max bias 
         power_level = bias - temp_var 
         pwmduty b.1,power_level 

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Could you post the Max31855 interface code.
How do you handle the 32 bit word from the Max31855?