Programming Voltage Question


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Hello. I was wondering if it is safe to program , for example, a 20M2 running at 3.3V
using the axe 027 usb cable which i presume is at 5V ? i have been using level translators
for I/O elsewhere. Do i need to translate the programming voltage down to 3.3v ?



Technical Support
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You will be okay. The AXE027 has current limiting resistors on its signal lines and the PICAXE download interface provides additional current limiting. PICAXE's can be programmed from +/-12V RS232 so will be fine from the AXE027.


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Great. Thanks for prompt reply. i seem to be continually bouncing back and forth between 3.3v and 5v
when interfacing sensors etc. The nice thing about Picaxe is that they are flexible with their operating voltage.