Programming tutorials/websites to learn how to use the BASIC programming codes


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Hello Everyone,
A coder or programmer I am not, but I have made some simple projects using picaxe. I would like to learn more about the nuances of coding and I am trying to find a tutorial or website that will allow me to learn at my place. I would welcome your feedback, thank you.


There are:
1 the PICAXE manuals with the instructions (part2) and some basic circuits with example code (part 3).

2. The BASIC commands on line -that are more up to date and at the bottom of each webpage some examples.

I am not immediately aware (ie none come to mind) of any third party tutorials.

Asking questions here (the only dumb question is the one you do not ask)
Or searching (the magnifier icon top right of these pages) or browsing the Finished projects sub forums


HI Gaetamo
The is a Book by David Linciln "programming and customizing the Picaxe microcontroller" Here

Tentatively a start. There is also the first edition.
However, beware that at the time of publication of the first edition I had reviewed the content for David Lincoln and initially he had a web page page for the identified addendum:corrections which has since been erased/gone.
Maybe the addendum can be found on the Wayback archive servers.
I did not assist on th second edition.