Program ceases running momentarily when serial comm. is interupted.


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I was wondering if someone could explain this phenomena to me. I have a picaxe 08M running a stepper motor. The programming cable is connected from my laptop to the 08M serial port. The 08M program is running fine. When I turned on my laptop (windows XP) the 08m program stopped running for several seconds, then started running again. So, being curious I unplugged the programming cable from the 08m. Once again the program stopped running for a several seconds and started back up. Plugging the cable back in had the same effect. I booted up the picaxe editor program on the laptop, while connected to the 08M, the 08M stopped for good. I had to recycle the power on the 08m to get it running again.
If it has something to do with the picaxe's internal software monitoring the serial port, what happens when you are talking picaxe to picaxe over the serial port and the connection is physically lost, does the picaxe program momentarily stop running?


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The 'Serial In' line is momentarily being pulled high by Pull Out / Push In the programming cable or
start up the PC with programming cable connected, thereby causing a reset. It is expected behaviour IMHO.

If you want that not to happen, add a 'disconnect' at the begining of your program,
the serial input will then be ignored until a power reset is applied.



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Per Neil, 'Disconnect' is very effective. Just be aware that after you program that in, you will have to do a 'hard reset' to reprogram the chip: Don't apply power to the Picaxe until after you click "Program".