Problem trying to order from PICAXE store


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It seems I am unable to place an order & pay by paypal.

Keeps coming up with 'Failed address validation %1'

The address it shows is correct & is as extracted from paypal.

I have never had this problem before.

Any ideas ????.


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I had the same problem myself yesterday found that when you click on pay now with paypal when it returns you to rev ed
it misses out a page and jumps straight to place order clicking the back key on the borowser takes you to the address page
for delivery filled that in all hunky dorry


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Obviously a problem with ordering page then, address extracted from paypal was correct.
That is good enough for all other vendors I buy from.

The order is no longer required now as I purchased from somewhere else.

20X4 OLED was main item, found one 2/3 the price elsewhere, other misc items I can do without.


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Please accept our apologies if there is an issue with paying by PayPal. I would assume that something has changed recently with regards to its integration in our store and will let our sales and web site teams know about that.


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Thanks for the feedback, unfortunately it appears there are a couple of known issues with the latest update of our ecommerce software (Magento) that we are waiting for official fixes to, in the mean time we have applied a temporary fix.

To bypass the paypal issue described please either
1) uses the main paypal checkout option at formal checkout (rather than the 'express' button on product pages)
2) login to a store account before checkout (rather than use guest checkout).
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