Powering down with brownout protection


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Is there any problem with allowing an 08M system power down with the brownout protection when letting the power drop to zero over a few seconds? I am looking at a circuit to power down after a period of inactivity to save batteries using a FET, but the decreasing voltage may take place over several seconds.

Bob Shaw VE3SUY


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From my limited experience... on the 08M with batteries dying a unit I have will reset over and over when an LED is turned on pulling the batteries down - then they drift up and the unit fires again... quite reliably in my case... not quite the same as you mention but perhaps close enough.


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My experience is the same as Premelec's. From a code point of view, maybe don't do anything critical at startup so if it resets 10x as the power goes down at least it won't be in the middle of turning on a high power moter or whatever.


I have several solar powerd 08Ms which power up/down just fine as the light level increases/decreases during the day.