Possible budget serial Bluetooth solution


I haven't looked into it in any detail, but CPC (Farnell) have an RS232 to Bluetooth adaptor for £27.50 + VAT. I know that the question of Picaxe comms via Bluetooth arises every now and again, so I thought I would mention it. I have done a web search, but unfortunately have not been able to find any additional useful documentation. However, I have found CPC technical sales support to be very helpful in the past, so they might be able to provide a PDF manual or similar.

The CPC product code is CS1473905 (www.cpc.co.uk)

Click on the 'Further Information' link on the product page (it's in the Technical Specifications' section) for some additional info.

I'd be interested to know if anyone has come across this before, or if there are any interesting thoughts on this adaptor.


Looks interesting. I have been tempted but never tried them.
It's a bit cheaper than the UK made Brainboxes equivalent. (I've got a lot of time for Brainboxes stuff, pricey but good. Their PCM-serial card is superb.)

A proper Data Sheet would be nice.
I'd be interested to hear of peoples genuine experiences too - though I'll let others try them out first.