Portable battery driven water pump


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Hi guys. This is a project I made to use for watering the Garden and Tree's through the drought we had recently. It made it much easier than running tens or hundreds of meters of hose from the main water line. While I do have a few small tanks around the property.
I thought it might give an idea to someone else.

It is all contained in a small tool box and uses a 35psi diaphragm pump and is driven from a 4S 3800mAh Lithium Iron Phosphate battery. The rest of the parts specs are in the program comments.

This is its functions -

1) OLED display reads out faults and issues -

-(NO FLOW) *pressure switch @ 35psi shutoff value

2) Warning buzzer beeps tones in conjuction with the displayed message, when an issue arises.
3) Pump motor speed/flow can be controlled from 40% up to 99%. (flow is not proportional to PWM drive %, when loaded with a sprinkler)
4) Approximate battery voltage displayed on power up, for 2.5 seconds.
5) Pump motor over temperature warning. Shut off at greater than 48degC, when the temperature falls below 42degC a message will be stated and the pump can be restarted.
6) Operation timer will run for 30mins. It will be resets when the power is cycled, or if the pump is stopped under pressure(closing nozzle or tap)... 60seconds later.
7) When the outlet line is under pressure. A leak can be detected if the pump losses pressure, and cycles 6 times in 6 mins, when recharging the line pressure.
8) Battery voltage must remain under minimum for 20seconds before the pump will shutoff with a warning, displaying - "battery requires recharging".
9) The approximate battery capacity will be display on the top line, 60sec after any fault occurs. With the fault being displayed on the bottom line.
10) Minimum pump speed is 40% motor speed, due to no useful load pressure below that pump speed.
11) *CAUTION* The pump will get flow through, even when its turned OFF. Due to the water tanks head pressure. ALWAYS turn OFF the tanks outlet tap when not in use!!
12) ALWAYS place the pump in the shade. The internal Lithium batteries life span will be shortened if left in the heat of the sun.


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We have a Picaxe stockist here in Australia. But many times they don't have what I need. Because I only use Surface Mount chips. So I just order from RevEd directly. It never takes more than 2 and a half weeks, even with the two orders I made this year.