Porta problems


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i have a problem using a 28x, i am using the readadc10 command and i am using the picaxe28 starter kit for programming, i find it easier than using the pic programmer.. using version 4.1.15 upgrading as we speak


if porta pin2 =1 then ttripa
if porta pin2 =0 and thermal =1 then ttripa
if porta pin2 =0 and thermal =0 then testmode

code works fine if last line is true, goes to testmode but i cannot get it to go to ttripa correctly...thermal is just an input pin on portb

i have considered if thermal = 1 then just goto ttripa..

if thermal =1 then thermal ttripa
if porta pin2 =0 and thermal=0 then testmode

ttrips works fine like this but testmode will not, please note i do use the readadc10 command in testmode

All i am using porta for is to determine testmodes, i have more than one using the thermal and port a command i was hoping to have 2 test function for setting up and safety then lastly a complete run situation when everything is checked and calibrated and running ok


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Wrong forum, theres even a sticky here http://www.picaxeforum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=7678

PICAXE Forum > Finished User PICAXE Projects > User Projects - Miscellaneous

Anyway I guess thermal is a symbol?
Then I think you have to split it into 2 if lines, you cant mix porta with other ports.
Maybe the symbol is translated into a number and not a number to number compare.