Popping lines in PE6


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When adding a block in PE6 (flowchart), often a popping line is connecting it to the upper block, that is fine, although I'd rather like to connect it by myself.

Sometimes, it's getting really annoying when you are moving blocks or if you add comments (connecting comments is somewhat esoteric...), the same thing happens.

You'll then have to move the blocks, delete the lines by their beginnings then put the blocks back to their respective places.:(

Did I miss an option somewhere that disable the automatic connection of blocks?


Technical Support
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Thanks for the feedback, connecting comment blocks is a known issue that has already been fixed for the next release.


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Will it be possible, in the future, to disable the automatic connection of blocks?

Unwanted connection lines arise, while rearranging blocks, that you have to delete, starting sometimes by moving the block :mad: