PNS Web Image Wizard can eat webspace

I think there's a minor problem with the Web Image wizard that means you can seemingly run out of space when you've not really. When you compress the web pages ready for upload, the wizard spawns off a program to create a "bin" file containing all the web pages. Usually this file is hidden away in some temporary area and everything is fine.
However, if you use the PicAxe programming utility to create a web page and then upload, the bin file can be created in your local web site folder. If you leave the wizard running, it does not refresh the file listing and so doesn't notice that there's an illegal file present (".bin" not supported), but the compression program happily adds it to the new compressed bin file. So your website image is a lot bigger than it was. This happens repeatedly, roughly doubling the size of your web image each time. You do of course notice when the PNS has run out of space, but since the file listing isn't refreshed it isn't immediately obvious why.
To repeat the problem, start the programming utility and create a new file, saving it in your web site folder. Then launch the web image wizard and select the folder. Compress the image (still no problem yet). Now use the FTP upload option, connecting to the PNS (still no problem yet). Now hit the Upload button. At this point the bin file appears in the folder, though this is not apparent through the wizard because it does not refresh the file listing.


Technical Support
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?? Sorry, we do not understand you. You cannot edit a html file within the programming editor screen at the same time as the Wizard is running, as the wizard must be closed before you can edit anything on screen. Are you trying to run two instnaces at the same time - if so this is not recommended.
No. The problem arises simply because you open a file and then go on to download. I imagine this is because the open is setting the default path of the program and this gets used later to save the bin file. Give it a try - it's rock solid repeatable here.