PLCC breadboarding made EASY!


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Not picaxe related, but this is very cool anywhoo...

There are a bunhc of us here that I know use somewhat advanced chips in our goufing and whatnot, and I know there are alot of others who would love to, but are a bit turned off by the idea of surface mount and other technologies besides DIP. I know I am.

There are alot of fan friggin tastic chips out there that we'd love to use but only come in surface mount, bga, or plcc. I've made my own adapters for alot of them, and it's a time consuming pain in the patootie, then today I found these guys:

They take the evil breadboard hating type of chips and basically turn it into a mosnterous standard size dip, and the cost is barely more (and often less) than for the sockets alone.

Just thought I'd let people know about them because with thngs like this putting the more advanced chips styles in reach of us mere mortlas, we may be able to yet further push the boundaries of what you can and cant do with our beloved picaxes!