Ping Net Server


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I was configure my Net Server for the first time and it´s ok, but when I try to Ping the address, the Net Server does not respond, I did put the address, somebody can help me ?
Thank you
I guess you've already figured it out by now, but just in case here goes....

For Ping to work, your computer must be on the same network as the PNS. This might sound obvious, but it could be wrong in one of two ways. First is that the cable must be right. If you are directly connecting the computer and PNS, you must use a cross over cable (these have two wires crossed over inside, so that the transmit and receive wires of each device match up). If you are going through a hub, switch or router box, then both computer and PNS need a straight cable. If the cabling is right, you should see link lights at both ends.
Second, the IP addresses of the computer and PNS must be on the same sub-network. If you are using for the PNS, your computer must have an address starting 192.168.80.xxxxx (assuming you have some other stuff set up in an ordinary way).
Check your computer's IP address by typing the following command in a command shell (cmd.exe) window:
If you are using different sub-nets (eg. and then you need to set up a route from each device to the other. This is hard compared to giving the PNS a different address - one that matches your computer's IP address.